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Please contact for bookings and rates

We offer discounts for new rescue dogs!

*Must show proof of adoption from a rescue within the past 5-months.


All new clients must go through an initial assessment. This 90 minute session is for puppies and dogs without existing behavioral issues. It is our time to get to know you and your dog. During the assessment we will get a complete history of your dog, observe and evaluate your dog, and discuss your training goals. We will set goals together and I will provide you with training basics to practice with your dog until our first lesson. You will have plenty to work on before our first coaching session in which I will design a customized program to meet your unique needs. If your dog has severe behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, or anxiety, I recommend the Behavior Intensive Consultation.


The initial consultation is almost always in-home and in-person. This allows for the most accurate in-depth assessment of your pup’s behavioral issues, the root of the problem, and creating an effective training plan. We can make allowances for special circumstances as needed. Virtual clients will participate in an in-depth video interview. We have the flexibility to work with your situation!


You will not be able to schedule any training sessions without first completing an initial assessment.  




Have you ever taken a group dog training class and felt frustrated that the curriculum didn’t fit your needs? Have you ever thought “Why are we going over “sit”? Can we move onto something my dog doesn’t already know?” “Boy that rowdy other dog sure needs a lot of the trainer’s attention. When is the trainer going to come help me work on my dog?” 


Group classes are cost efficient but they have very little wiggle room on the material they can cover. This is because trainers must make sure everyone in the class is on the same page before moving onto the next thing. 

My private coaching sessions ensures that you get personalized one-on-one attention. No large classes where you don’t feel like you are getting much out of the session. This hour long session is all about you and your dog! Lessons are structured much like a group class but with the ability to be flexible on topics YOU want to cover. Get the most out of your valuable time. 



Start your life with your new puppy in the best way possible! My Puppy Program will take into account your current lifestyle and living situation to best prepare you for the new addition to the family. You will be given all the tools to succeed: a basic working knowledge on how puppies learn, their needs, how to communicate effectively with your puppy, how to avoid creating behavioral issues, mistakes to avoid that will make your life easier, and how to guide them to be well adjusted companions in this crazy, modern, human world. We will cover house training, socialization, chewing, biting, jumping, resource guarding, impulse control, and basic commands with each week building on the last.


I recommend starting right away.  Ask any trainer and they will tell you, it is far easier to teach them good habits to begin with than it is to break bad ones! 



These are your private follow up coaching sessions after completing your Behavior Intensive Consultation. Serious behavioral issues can be extremely stressful for you and your family. You and I will be committed to working on changing your dog's emotional response to triggers and lowering thresholds. Help your dog become a well-adjusted companion and change your lives for the better! 



A stand alone private virtual coaching program is available for clients out of our service area or that have extenuating personal or medical circumstances which don't allow in-person training but would like to utilize our expertise. Please call for more detailed info.



This is a supplemental program for training clients. I will train your dog specific skills "pro vobis" (on your behalf) and go over how to maintain trained behaviors and facilitate forward progress during our regularly scheduled coaching sessions. Pro vobis training is for the dog parent who would like a leg up on their current training struggle. A visit to your home at a scheduled time doubles as training and a break from their otherwise monotonous day.


I will work with your dog on the goals we have set together after our initial assessment. Whether it is socialization, basic obedience training, fixing behavioral issues, teaching new skills such as CGC requirements and husbandry behaviors such as nail trimming and toothbrushing, agility and other mentally or physically stimulating behaviors, you name it. 


This is a supplemental program to be used in conjunction with a full coaching program.

Please inquire for more information. 



A supplemental program for training clients who have demonstrated a commitment to their training journey. Clients are taken on a per situational basis and selected based on a number of factors. Furthermore, I am currently only taking on one boarding client at a time to ensure my full attention to their needs are met. 

Your pooch will stay with me at my home where he/she will live with me for an agreed period of time during which they will receive constant and consistent informal training as well as structured training sessions throughout the day. These training sessions will are typically 5-15 minutes long each. They will also receive enrichment activities, daily walks, and play time as well as go for outings to the beach or hikes if this is conducive to their well-being. 


Training Programs are personalized to your specific needs and goals. You will be updated regularly on their progress. At the end of our time together, we will re-evaluate where your pooch is in relation to the set goals. You will be required to participate in a theory and practical coaching session going over how to maintain trained behaviors. 

This is not a stand-alone program. Please contact for more detailed information.  



For the serious trainer. Service dog training is a long but fulfilling road. We start with CGC certification and will work on addressing specific training goals to becoming certified as a service animal.  If your pooch doesn’t have any professional dog training experience, do not worry! We can discuss foundational training at AKC standards before moving onto the more complex topic of service dog training. 

The first step towards getting your pooch ready to qualify for service dog training is getting them up to CGC standards. As a certified CGC Evaluator, I will assess your dog for CGC standards before starting any service dog training. If your pooch already has a CGC certification, we may discuss the specifics of the support you want to train your dog for and the training plan for getting there. 

Some information about the CGC Certification:

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program is rapidly becoming recognized as the standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. Canine Good Citizen® resolutions have been passed by 47 state legislatures and the United States Senate, insurance companies are starting to use CGC® to insure breeds they would not otherwise insure, and some condominium associations around the country now require that all dogs in the complex have earned the Canine Good Citizen® award.



As your trainer, I will also provide you with resources and personalized recommendations to get you started on your own enrichment program! Enrichment comes in many varieties including, but not limited to: nosework, puzzle feeder toys, games and training. 



Going out of town and need someone you can trust to give quality care to your fur baby? Have no fear. We offer the highest quality in-home pet sitting services.  Boarding may be considered for approved training clients. 

You can hire a pet-sitter who does the bare minimum in the care of your pet (i.e. feeding and letting out for potty breaks) or hire a professional who will engage with your dog in a multitude of ways during the stay. We can incorporate structured training sessions, play/training sessions, dog walks, enrichment sessions (I have an arsenal of new toys for your dog to engage with), and outings throughout the day. We can add in beach adventures, hikes, or even bring them out on casual errands for further training scenarios if you wish. The possibilities are endless! 


Would you like your loose leash walking skills up to speed but you don't have time during your workday to take your dog out? Schedule a training dog walk and kill two birds with one stone. Get your dog walked AND TRAINED at the SAME TIME without the worry that an untrained dog walker will unravel your hard work and reinforce bad leash manners. Choose from a structured walk at a heel all the way to a "sniffari" where the only requirement is no pulling. Total customization is always in play at Positively Behavioral! Paired with a training program, you and your dog will learn key skills and methodology to transform your walks into pleasant outings that you both can look forward to! 

**This service is only available to current dog training clients. The reason for this is because our unique dog walking program will require participation from you in order to ensure proper maintenance of a good, leash walking behavior. Working on a training protocol requires that the client understand the training methods being used and is important for the maintenance of a behavior and getting it to stick. Please view this service as a training supplement.  If you are not yet a client and are interested in this service, we can discuss designing a mini training program specific for this need.



We get it. You're at work for 8+ hours a day and your pooch (or feline) is stuck at home for long periods of time without activity or interaction. Or maybe you have an older dog or cat that can’t handle a full walk but just needs to be checked-in on and let out for a potty break and some company. Perhaps a supervised enrichment hour with toys and game play to alleviate boredom (an enrichment program is available). 

I offer this service to relieve that stress while you are away for long hours and ensure your pooch is happy and content. Check-ins are designed and catered to each individual.

for Training Clients


Have a burning question that will require more than just a quick text reply? Make tweaks to your training program before our next scheduled session with video conference check-ins for re-evaluation of where you are in training. This may be used to supplement your private coaching program. 



Not sure what type of treats will work best for training your pup? Believe it or not, quality ingredients and size of treat is vitally important when training. I can bring a variety of treats (mostly homemade) to each training session for our use. These homemade treats are also for sale or share with you my recipes to make on your own if you would like to spend the time making them yourself. Treats are customized to your pet and their preferences and food allergies. No artificial ingredients or preservatives here! Each treat add-on will last you the week and can be kept in the fridge or freezer for freshness.  

Custom Programs and How it works

Training programs are personalized and all start with an Onboarding Assessment. I will then create a custom training plan for you. We will meet each week for a 1 hour coaching session.


Your program will include: comprehensive onboarding assessment, custom training plan, weekly coaching session, personal recap emails, accountability check-ins, an enrichment program, training resources as needed, client group support, and a high level of ongoing support via email, text, and if necessary, phone calls.

Prices will vary depending on if we are dealing with typical training scenarios vs Behavior Intensive Cases (i.e. aggression), number of coaching sessions, and if we will be including supplemental virtual sessions and/or Pro-Vobis program. The Pro-Vobis program option is for clients that would like an extra leg up with the training.  

*please note that mileage fee may apply for clients outside of local service area. 

Positively Behavioral is an independently owned small-business. As such, a 50% deposit is expected to lock in your booking to minimize last minute cancellations aside of emergencies. We currently accept Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo payments to @PositivelyBehavioral and are working on offering other forms of payment. 

Please inquire for all other service rates.

Thank you for supporting the local economy! 

Rescheduling and Cancellation policy

All scheduled appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled a minimum of 72-hours prior to scheduled lesson time for a full refund. 

Cancellations and reschedules made 24-72 hours prior to scheduled lesson time are eligible for 50% of the payment going towards a future lesson or another service option. 

Cancellations and reschedules made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson time are forfeit. New payment is required to reschedule. 
**Life can throw us curveballs and sometimes you may need to cancel last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. We do our best to understand and accommodate but please do your part to call and let us know of any scheduling changes that must be made. 
We understand your time is valuable. In the same regard, please understand our time is valuable too. We strive to nurture a healthy, working relationship with good communication and mutual respect and hope you will too! 

Refund for Services Rendered 

We do not offer a monetary refund. Instead we stand 100% behind our training.

What Does That Mean?

Our dog training programs form a partnership between our clients, their dog, and dog trainer. The success of our program depends on us performing our job correctly, and also on the owner following up on the homework and strategies that we lay out for them.

Instead of offering a monetary refund we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.  This means that we will continue to work with owners who are working hard, and following recommendations for as long as it takes.  In this way, those owners who are truly invested in their dog’s training and well being are assured that they will get everything they need out of our program.  Restrictions apply.  


Full legal policy agreement can be found on our liability waiver and contract. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about these policies. It is our goal to protect our mutual interests. Clear policies improve communication, and therefore promote healthy relationships between us. 

Positively Behavioral is an independently owned small-business.

Thank you for supporting the local economy! 

Positively Behavioral LLC is an insured professional training service. 

Dog Running in Water


"Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain - unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 to 20 repetitions!" -Dr. Karyn Purvis 

Did you know that play enhances learning to an astonishing degree? What better way to motivate your dog to engage with you and learn behaviors and skills that will help them succeed in our human world! 



with Crystina

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